Aloft Kathmandu Review: Best Hotel in Kathmandu?

Aloft kathmandu thamel

Finding a place to rest, refuel and get some work done in between big adventures is pretty much the only way I am able to run a business remotely, maintain a personal routine, and catch up on all the “life” stuff that needs doing when I am not off-grid. 

Usually, I go for long-term Airbnb rentals, but recently when visiting Nepal on a climbing expedition, I got to check out one of the best hotels in Kathmandu: Aloft Kathmandu. 

Situated in the heart of Thamel, Aloft KTM had got everything you need, and then some – and out of all the hotels I stay at in any given year – Aloft Kathmandu offers the best amenities, food, and room quality for the price that I have found almost anywhere.

Usually, I don’t do too many hotel reviews – but Aloft Kathmandu was dope and if you are ever visiting Kathmandu and want to stay somewhere epic – this is your spot. 

Read on to find out why I think Aloft Kathmandu might just be the best hotel in Kathmandu – by a long shot…

The Vibe

The main reason why I wanted to stay at Aloft Kathmandu was for the vibe. Pretty much any major mountaineering expedition worthy of its salt bases out of here before they set out.

The first day I was at the hotel I rubbed shoulders with a dozen mountaineering legends from around the world – all of whom were about the set off on expeds to various 8000-meter peaks.

The main clientele I observed staying at the hotel was about 70% international mountaineering and trekking groups and about 30% wealthy large Indian families.

For digital nomads, there are plenty of little nooks and spaces to work, including an outside terrace where the wifi signal is still strong.

At the end of the day, if you feel like a drink, there is a fully stocked on-site bar with house specialty cocktails. The chill space around the bar is usually packed from 7 -9 pm and is a good place to make new friends and chat over a drink.

The Room

Since I had just gotten back from an expedition, I spent most days working out of my hotel room (when not working in the common area). It is large enough to not feel claustrophobic, well lit, and had plenty of power outlets and areas where I could charge my electronics, camera batteries, etc. 

My standards are generally not too high, so if you give me great AC, a super comfortable bed with nice sheets, and a shower that has great pressure and consistent hot water – well I am stoked. My room had all of those things, plus an electric kettle so I could make coffee throughout the day, a TV with international channels ( I never turned it on once though), and a small mini-fridge in case you want to stock up on soda or beer. 

What’s also nice is that along with daily room service, they give you fresh towels and 2 liters of purified water per day – in addition to coffee and tea. 

Let’s be honest – when you have just spent weeks in the mountains – all of this stuff amounts to serious luxury. After roughing it and not showering much while on my climb, settling into this room for a week was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things.

The Breakfast

Aloft kathmandu thamel

If the room does not sound sexy enough – then there is the breakfast. Holy shit. 

One of the MAJOR perks of staying at Aloft Kathmandu is the incredible breakfast spread they put on every morning – which is included in the price of the room. 

Custom omelets, unlimited espresso/lattes, fresh-cut fruit, classic South Asian dishes, gourmet yak cheese, a whole table dedicated to baked goods, a full salad bar, fresh watermelon juice”¦. I mean I could go on, but you get the idea. 

This was another shock for me and my body after coming back from the mountains. So much good food was suddenly available for breakfast and I enjoyed the routine of having a few coffees on the outside terrace area while at my laptop before heading inside to have a hearty breakfast. 

If Aloft Kathmandu does not have the best breakfast buffet in the city, then I’d like to see what the other best hotels in Kathmandu offer.

I tried the dinner buffet once too – and it was equally impressive and good value. 

The Gym

To justify those massive breakfasts – one can’t just eat yak cheese and type on the laptop all day. You need somewhere to work all of that off. 

Located on the very top level of the hotel above the indoor swimming pool, the gym at Aloft Kathmandu is small, but well-equipped with what you need to get a solid workout in. I tended to focus on the elliptical bike, stair master, and a few weights.

If there are more than 5 people in there, it could feel a bit crowded – but with that said, there were never more than two or three people in there each time I went. 

Fresh gym towels are available upon request – just ask the staff there. 

The Pool

As mentioned, there is a large lap pool on the top floor of the hotel. The pool is a good place for a quick dip and a few laps right after the gym. The only downside I found was that it closes at 7 pm. If you plan on working out late, you won’t be able to use the pool after hours. 

If you go around sunset time, you can have some pretty awesome views of the sun setting behind soft green hills in the distance. For the spring season, the best time to be in the pool is around 5:45 PM – as the sun dips behind the mountains a little after 6:05 PM (of course it varies depending on the exact month – this is April I am talking about). 

There is however a steam sauna available. Get your detox on with a good old-fashioned sweat. 

Aloft kathmandu thamel

The Staff

Aloft kathmandu thamel

Not enough good things can be said about the lovely staff at Aloft Kathmandu. By day three of me being there, it seemed like most of the staff – and there is a LOT of staff – knew my name which is a first. 

What I appreciated most is how friendly and genuine everyone working at Aloft KTM seems to be. You will likely hear “namaste, sir” dozens of times a day as you move about the hotel. 

From helping me organize a PCR test at the hotel, delivering my bags to my room, and arranging for my airport taxi – my experience with the staff was only positive.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to make the guests comfortable – your effort really shows. 

The Security Situation

Aloft Kathmandu takes security seriously. Apart from the friendly security guards posted out front 24/7, the hotel is equipped with cameras everywhere as well (not in the rooms obviously – that would be weird).

The staff is pretty on it when it comes to random people hanging around.

I actually forgot my Apple Airpods headphones case in the restaurant and nobody stole it. The staff had it waiting for me at their desk when I came back down to look for it.

Each room is equipped with a safe where you can store your valuables for when you go out.

Finally, when I left for my expedition to Mera Peak, I left a large duffel bag in Aloft’s storage room with my Macbook Pro, external hard drives, and other important stuff in there. When I returned 3 weeks later, the staff delivered the bag to my room with everything right where I left it. This storage service is a huge peace of mind when it comes to leaving gear behind when the time comes to head off on your trip.

Wrapping Up: Is it the Best Hotel in Kathmandu?

Overall, my experience at Aloft Kathmandu was one I hope to repeat every time I come to Nepal.

The staff folks are awesome, the breakfast is killer, and the rooms offer more than enough comfort to settle in for a long-term stay while working online or preparing for your next expedition.

The crazy city of Kathmandu offers a huge number of hotel options, but if you want to just get straight to the point and stay at the best place in the city, look no further than Aloft Kathmandu.

If you have stayed here before and want to add something to this article that I might have missed, feel free to drop a comment below!

*Special thanks to Sudhika from Aloft Kathmandu for all the hospitality!

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