Visions from the Sky: My Best Drone Photos of Pakistan

Karomber Lake, KPK

A few years back I bought a Mavic Mini camera drone and started playing around. I was already big into photography at that time so it felt like a natural transition to take a chance on a cheap drone at some point to see if I liked it or not. A friend let me use his drone to practice with.

I promptly crashed it on the 2nd flight.

Two drones and another crash later (an eagle attacked my drone in Shimshal, Pakistan), drone photography remains a powerful tool I love to utilize as much as possible.

Drone photography has opened up new doors of creativity for me. The best part is flying a drone allows me to get unique images no one else has (or almost no one) as in some places, it is almost impossible to fly a drone to the exact same spot as another person given the altitudes and distances.

Below is a collection of my best drone photos of Pakistan from various expeditions here.

All shots were captured with either a DJI Mavic Air 2 or a DJI Air 2S using various ND filters. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print.


Every year I lead unique trips to Pakistan including the K2 Base Camp Trek and to the Hunza Valley?

motorcycle karakoram highway
Passu Cones, Hunza
patundas hunza pakistan
Patundas, Batura Glacier, Hunza
concordia at k2 base camp
Concordia, K2 Base Camp Trek
spantik expedition pakistan
Camp 1, Spantik Peak
glaciers in pakistan
Unkown Glacier, Baltistan
Patundas, Hunza Pakistan
With the boys at Patundas, Hunza.

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