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In my eyes, Gilgit has two things going for it: it is home to one of two airports that service the northern areas of Pakistan (the other one is in Skardu) and it is the gateway city to the splendor of Hunza valley.

I don’t really suggest spending more than a night in Gilgit – it is more of a stopover city whilst you are en route to bigger and better things further north.

That said, there are some fine hotel options in Gilgit (and plenty one should avoid) that make a transit stop in Gilgit an enjoyable experience. If you plan on exploring Hunza, Yasin, Ghizer, or Shandur then you will almost certainly pass through Gilgit multiple times on your various journeys.

Below is my list of the best hotels in Gilgit for every kind of budget.


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At a Glance: The Best Places to Stay in Gilgit

  • The Best of the Best

Hotel Grand Continental

This hotel checks all the boxes for comfort and affordability. Along with great views, it is a great all-around hotel that gives excellent value for money. 

  • For the Budget-Minded

Naveed Tourist Inn

Without skimping on cleanliness or comfort, the hotel offers a fully loaded stay for budget-conscious folks looking for short stays in Gilgit. 

  • Best Luxury Hotel in Gilgit

Gilgit Serena Hotel

Tasteful rooms, delicious food, and excellent service are all on the menu, ensuring a luxury experience on par with any other destination.

  • Close to Gilgit Airport

Riverdale Resort

Gilgit Airport is a fair distance from Hunza, so staying close to the airport might be necessary. However, this isn’t a chore when you get to stay at a resort full of character and charm like Riverdale Resort.

Breakdown: The Best Hotels in Gilgit

Gilgit has hotels for every kind of traveler but many serve the large number of mountaineers that pass through the city. Visitors often only stay one night and are only looking for a comfy bed and roof over their heads. 

Nonetheless, there are plenty of places to choose from and these are some of my top picks.

  • The Best of the Best

Hotel Grand Continental

$$ | 2-star | Close to Sakwar Gah River | Rooftop Terrace | Room Service

This is a comfortable stay at a decent price point, what more can you ask for! Hotel Grand Continental checks all the boxes for a good all-around hotel. 

A free breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning or brought to you to enjoy from the comfort of your room. The rooftop terrace has a great view of the mountains and river flowing past the hotel.

The hotel is about 10km from the town center but they have a kitchen that offers food all day so you needn’t worry about going out to eat. The staff are helpful and speak English, which can be a rare find in these remote parts. There are even conference facilities on-site but hopefully, you won’t need those when on holiday!

Grand hotel continental
Hotel Grand Continental is everything you need to enjoy your stay
  • Luxury at its Finest

Gilgit Serena Hotel

$$$ | 5-star | Close to Gilgit Airport | Restaurant On-site | Fitness Center

This is without a doubt the best hotel in Gilgit. They have excellent facilities, like a fitness center and room service, that add those luxurious touches to your stay. 

I especially liked the amazing breakfast buffet you can tuck into every morning. They aren’t far from the airport but they offer airport pickup to get your trip off to a smooth start. 

They have beautifully manicured gardens with seating areas from where you can take a moment to soak in the stunning mountains surrounding you. The staff members are incredibly attentive and all your needs will be catered to.

The rooms are spacious and cozy, decorated with warm tones and with seating areas and desks. Each room can also sleep one child comfortably in addition to two adults. Extras, like the minibar, carpet flooring, and flat-screen TV, all add to the comfortable ambiance of the rooms. 

It’s topped off by stunning mountain views from your room which makes this experience unbeatable in Gilgit.

  • For the Budget-Minded Traveler

Naveed Tourist Inn

$ | no star rating | Close to Gilgit Airport | Private Bathroom | Room TV

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for rooms that aren’t spotless and comfortable. Naveed Tourist Inn has perfectly comfortable beds and the rooms and bathrooms are spotless. 

If you are looking to splurge a little more, you can upgrade to a room with an AC for extra comfort, but the fans in the room are perfectly adequate. 

There is a communal kitchen with microwave facilities if you want to heat up your late-night snack and the communal area is great to meet other travelers. The terrace and garden are also lovely in the warmer months. 

They have plenty of room configurations that can sleep 1, 2, or 3 people in single and double beds. 

Naveed Hotel Gilgit
  • The Best Hotel for Couples

Isle of Highlands Tours Guesthouse

$$$ | 4-star | Close to Gilgit Airport | Breakfast | Terrace

This is one of the few upscale stays in Gilgit and they take extra care of the small details to justify the price tag. The rooms are large with plush white linens, hardwood floors, and plenty of seating. 

You can enjoy streaming services on the state-of-the-art TVs and rooms are soundproofed so you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors. 

The Isle of Highlands also offers various tour packages and cars to rent if you want to explore on your own. Let them arrange a bike or walking tour, a perfect afternoon activity for a traveling couple. 

It is only located 1km from the airport and you can make use of their paid airport shuttle.

Isle of Highlands Tours Guesthouse Gilgit
The perfect place to share with your partner
  • For Those on a Family Holiday

Riverdale Resort

$$$ | 4-star | Close to RCC Bridge | On-site Restaurant | Mountain View

The pool is no doubt the main attraction at this property for people traveling with kids. Another great activity for the kids is trout fishing in the river that runs past the property. This will offer hours of fun in the beautiful outdoors. 

The garden is also perfect for a picnic with the family or a stroll through their fruit orchards to pick fresh fruit in season.

Some rooms have futon or sofa beds, perfect for younger children to sleep on. The price includes a scrumptious American breakfast, which is a must if you don’t want to forage for food for the family early in the morning. 

All rooms have stunning views of mountains, the river, or the garden, and the tranquil atmosphere that reigns supreme is unbeatable in the area. The room interiors are bright and vibrant, offset by the dramatic stone and wood on the floor and walls. 

Your favorite part will no doubt be the swing on the balcony overlooking the stunning blue river.

  • Close to Gilgit Airport

Paradise Hotel

$$ | 2 star | Close to Airport | Private Bathroom | Mountain View

This is one of the hotels directly next to the airport and is perfect for larger groups as they have rooms that sleep up to four people. Each room comes with plenty of blankets and air-conditioning and also has a private bathroom. 

They also own a grill restaurant next door where you can enjoy delicious local dishes. 

The rooms are perfectly clean and spacious and some even have a balcony. There is also a garden with seating if you want to catch some fresh air outside. 

There is, unfortunately, no internet available but the attentive staff offer room service and a 24-hour front desk, great for when you need to check out for early flights. 

Medina 2 is the other hotel close the airport that I have stayed at. It is clean enough and very cheap. Most backpackers I know stay here.

paradise hotel gilgit
Paradise Hotel is good option for a last night before reaching your next destination

The Best of the Rest

Cozy Lodge

cozy lodge gilgit

Cozy Lodge lives up to its name with cozy yet spacious rooms. Some rooms sleep up to three people comfortably and they come complete with air-conditioning and flat-screen TVs. 

You can order room service or have a snack in the garden seating area outside. You will also have a private bathroom and I particularly appreciated the towels folded into swans, a charming extra touch. 

There is free Wi-Fi available across the property to keep you connected.

Park Hotel

park hotel gilgit

This is one of the few large hotels in Gilgit and has rooms for up to three guests. They do not offer Wi-Fi but there is an on-site restaurant that serves an assortment of delicious local dishes. 

There is a central garden courtyard with ample seating where meals can be enjoyed. They offer a continental breakfast every morning to get you off on the right foot. 

All rooms have a private bathroom with toiletries and slippers and some even feature a balcony. 

Gilgit Getaway Hotel

Gilgit Getaway Hotel

The hotel is not far from the airport and has plenty of room for weary travelers. The rooms are basic but clean and comfortable and can sleep up to four people. 

A TV and air-conditioning are all the luxury you need when stopping over for a short stay and Gilgit Getaway Hotel is perfect for that. They have a restaurant and a garden but no internet available.

Deosai Executive GuestHouse

Deosai Executive GuestHouse

The further you move out of Gilgit, the closer you get to the beautiful mountain backdrops of Northern Pakistan. Gilgit Deosai Executive Guest House is around six km outside the city and sits right at the foot of an imposing mountain. 

There is continental breakfast available and each room has a private bathroom, TV, and mountain view.

Gilgit Embassy Lodge

best hotel Gilgit pakistant embassy lodge

The Embassy Lodge is not far from the airport and a great option for larger groups as they have plenty of rooms. All the rooms look out at the beautiful rose garden in front of the hotel and have private bathrooms.

The rooms are decorated with vibrant linens, creating a truly authentic atmosphere. There is a large dining hall area so double-check if there are functions happening before booking a spot, to avoid overcrowding. 

Capital Lodge Gilgit

Capital lodge Gilgit

This hotel is close to most things in town and has a restaurant on the ground floor to cater to all your culinary needs. A continental breakfast is available each morning and is included in the attractive price. 

It is rated three-star and rooms have private bathrooms and balconies. There is a rooftop terrace with a hot tub if you are looking to relax with a nice view.

Wrapping Up: Best Hotels in Gilgit

Gilgit is a small city with a key location in the northern mountainous regions of Pakistan. Accommodation options are quite limited and cater mostly to adventure tourists staying for short stays on their way to or from hiking expeditions. 

That being said, you can still experience luxury accommodation at Serena Hotel or enjoy a multi-day family trip at Riverdale Resort.  

There are several budget hotels around that will offer you perfectly comfortable stays and local hospitality but Naveed Tourist or Madina 2 won’t disappoint. But for something a little more upscale but still inexpensive, have a look at Hotel Grand Continental

Leave a comment below if you have any more suggestions of places to check out in Gilgit and let me know if you have experienced any of these hotels yourself.

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