Best Hotels in Karachi

Karachi Best Hostels to stay

Located in the far south of Pakistan on the Arabian Sea, Karachi is a massive South Asian metropolis with a breadth of things to see and do. A day out in the Karachi heat can be hectic though and you want to be sure to find an awesome place to stay to rest in between adventures.

No matter if you are looking for the best luxury option or a barebones place for backpackers, this is the ultimate list of the best hotels in Karachi. There is something for everyone here so settle in and read on…


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At a Glance – The Best Places to Stay in Karachi

  • The Best of the Best

World Inn Hotel

Whether you’re staying in Pakistan for one night or one month, the World Inn Hotel is one of the best value hotels in Karachi. Stick to your budget while also enjoying some luxuries, like an airport shuttle and a great breakfast. 

  • For the Budget-Minded

Rose Palace Millenium

Simple but elegant, the Rose Palace Millenium is a good pick for travelers looking for budget accommodation in Karachi without sacrificing comfort. 

  • Best Luxury Hotel in Karachi

Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi

There’s no room for things left to be desired at the Pearl Continental. Travel in style at one of Karachi’s top hotels where you can enjoy a huge swimming pool, fitness center, and six restaurants. 

  • Close to Karachi Airport

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham

Just moments from the airport, the Ramada is one of Karachi’s best luxury hotels. Not only will arrival and departure from the city be easier, but you can also enjoy top amenities, like a huge swimming pool and an excellent fitness center. 

  • For Lovers Looking for a Honeymoon

Swisstel Cottage

The perfect romantic hotel in Karachi, the Swisstel Cottage offers 5-star accommodation with beach views and a cozy atmosphere. 

Breakdown: The Best Hotels in Karachi 

Ready to dive into the details about what makes each of Karachi’s best hotels a place worth staying at? Below I’ll give you the highlights (and the drawbacks) there are for each of the properties so you can find the perfect fit for accommodation in Pakistan’s largest city. 

  • The Best of the Best

World Inn Hotel 

$ | 4-star | Close to Nisar Shaheed Park | Kitchenette | Breakfast Included 

It’s hard to find 4-star hotels in Karachi which offer the same quality for price as the World Inn Hotel. Located in the DHA District of Karachi in a safe neighborhood that is pleasant to walk around, it’s in a place that’s still convenient to reach top attractions, but still slightly quieter (on a city scale at least!). 

Spacious rooms will often have a city view, and include a small kitchenette with a mini-fridge and kettle. Breakfast is also included in the room price, making it even easier to keep your expenses down, and there are lots of restaurants in the neighborhood where you can find both traditional Pakistani and international food. 

The thing I like most about the World Inn Hotel is how foreign-friendly it is while still maintaining a local charm. Conveniences like an airport shuttle, and the fact that foreign couples don’t need to be married to book a room together, all add up to making World Inn one of the best hotels in Karachi. 

best hotels in Karachi
You’ll find everything you need under one roof at the World Inn Hotel.
  • Luxury at its Finest

Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi 

$$$ | 5-star | Close to the National Museum of Pakistan | 6 Restaurants | Swimming Pool 

Pearl Continental has maintained its standards for luxury and comfort at numerous cities around Pakistan, and their hotel in Karachi is no exception. Treat yourself to an exceptional travel experience where you can enjoy luxuries like a minibar, indoor pool, and a fitness center during your stay. 

The location is also excellent, and very close to some of the city’s top landmarks, like Frere Hall and the Quaid e Azam House Museum. Add to this the fact that the Pearl Continental has not one but six restaurants serving everything from Pakistani to Japanese food, and it’s no wonder why it’s ranked as one of the best luxury hotels in Karachi. 

best luxury hotels in Islamabad
For the best luxury hotel in Karachi, check out the Pearl Continental.
  • For the Budget-Minded Traveler

Rose Palace Millennium 

$ | 3-star | Close to Pakistan Maritime Museum | Airport shuttle | Shared Kitchen 

Hoping to save some cash on a room so you can splurge on all of the deliciousx food in Karachi instead? Well, I certainly don’t blame you if that’s the case! Thankfully, there are good options for budget hotels in Karachi, like the Rose Palace Millennium. 

Basic comforts, such as air conditioning and private bathrooms, are still included unlike at some hotels. Another thing I like about the Rose Palace Millenium is the fact that single, double or family-sized rooms are all available depending on how big (or small) your travel party is. 

It’s certainly one of the best 3-star hotels in Karachi, and even includes some helpful extra services, like a paid airport shuttle and currency exchange on-site. 

Hotel in karachi
Simple and straightforward accommodation is often what I go for.
  • For Lovers Looking for a Honeymoon

Swisstel Cottage

$$ | 5-star | Next to Sea View Beach | Breakfast Included | Room Service  

Finding a romantic hotel in Karachi is one of the most important parts of planning a honeymoon. Thankfully, the Swisstel cottage has you covered with its 5-star service and perfect location just a few blocks from the beach. 

I like that Swisstel Cottage maintains a simple and cozy vibe without falling short on luxury and comfort. A freshly prepared buffet breakfast is also included in the room rate, and you can arrange for lunch and dinner meals to be provided, as well. 

The Dolmen Mall is right next door and there are plenty of dining options nearby where you can try some local Pakistani and other international foods. It’s hard to find accommodation in Karachi to beat the location, price, and service that the Swisstel Cottage provides. 

honeymoon hotel karachi
Take it easy you two….
  • The Best Hotel for Couples

Hotel Cosy Beach Vista 

$$ | 4-star | Next to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park | Hot Tub | Restaurant 

Set in the popular Clifton neighborhood, the Cozy Beach Vista is the perfect hotel in Karachi for couples on a vacation. It’s still budget-friendly, but also offers romantic touches, as well as an ideal location not far from the beach and boating dock. 

Travel conveniences, like a paid airport shuttle and an Asian-style breakfast, are included in the room price. Within easy walking distance, there are cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, and other shops you can check out during your stay. 

Checking off the requirements for security and amenities, as well as living up to its name in terms of comfort and location, Cozy Beach Vista should definitely rank high on your list of options for hotels in Karachi. 

best hotel for couples in Karachi
So. Many. Flowers.
  • For Those on a Family Holiday

Orchards Cottage Hotel

$$ | 4-star | Next to Dolmen Mall | Kitchenette | Airport Shuttle 

With a prime location in the Clifton district, the Orchards Cottage Hotel is one of Karachi’s best 4-star hotels for families. Helpful conveniences, like having a paid airport shuttle and breakfast included in the room price, make your trip that much simpler to plan and enjoy. 

What I like most about Orchards Cottage is that even though it’s just steps away from Dolmen Mall and plenty of restaurants turn burn your taste buds (Karachi has notoriosuly spicy food), it’s still on a quieter street by Karachi standards. The on-site garden and outdoor seating area add to the pleasant ambiance of the place. 

Room service is available and all rooms come with a kitchenette which can help if you need to prepare meals or snacks for hungry kids. Plus there are plenty of restaurants nearby so whether you’re in the mood for Pakistani food or a simple deli-style sandwich there are plenty of options around. 

family hotel karachi
Orchards Cottage Hotel is a top-rated hotel for families in Karachi.
  • Close to Karachi Jinnah International Airport Airport

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham

$$$ | 5-star | 2 Minutes From the Airport | Swimming Pool | Restaurant 

It’s expected that traffic can be challenging even on the best of days in Pakistan’s largest city. If you need to catch an early flight or you’re arriving in the city late in the evening, a hotel in Karachi near the airport is going to make your life much simpler. Speaking from experience, if it is monsoon season in Karachi, the last thing you want to do is to try to navigate the flooded streets by moto-rickshaw!

Ramada Plaza is a bit more expensive than some of the other top picks for hotels in Karachi, but you can also expect a higher level of luxury and cool amenities that other places lack. Take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool or get in your daily workout at the fitness center while you stay at the Ramada Plaza.

The only downside is that in exchange for being close to the airport, you’ll be farther away from the Karachi city center and some of the main attractions. However, for a one-night stay it’s a great option. 

If you’re staying longer, I’d recommend finding other accommodation in Karachi for the majority of your trip and just stay at the Ramada Plaza for your arrival or departure. 

hotel by the airport karachi
Beautiful, bright rooms.
  • The Best Views in Town

Dreamworld Resort

$$$ | 5-star | Next to Wild Venture Water Park | Golf course | Huge Swimming Pool 

With a name like “Dreamworld,” it’s obvious that the standards will be set high in terms of comfort and entertainment. By far one of Karachi’s best 5-star hotels, Dreamworld is a package-deal vacation waiting to happen. 

Not only is there a swimming pool and water park, but also a golf course, boating lake, horse-riding, and other fun activities. If you work up an appetite from all the swimming and rounds of golf, there are five restaurants on-site and 24/7 room service available for whenever you get the munchies. 

As one of the best luxury hotels in Karachi, you can count on rooms that are spacious, comfy, and have an awesome view of either the resort property or the city. The only downside is that since it’s located in the suburban area of Karachi, some of the attractions in the city center are a bit farther away. 

However, thanks to the free airport shuttle and the option to book tours on-site, transportation and sightseeing is still pretty easy. 

best view hotel in Karachi
Dreamland Resort definitely has the best view in Karachi.

The Best of the Rest

Curious to see more of the best hotels in Karachi? If one of the options listed above hasn’t jumped out for you, then here are some more great options for places to stay in Karachi. It’s a big city with a lot to see and do, and options for hotels are also plentiful! 

Zifan Hotel & Suites 

Couples, families, or solo travelers can all benefit from staying at one of Karachi’s top luxury hotels. Zifan is stylish, has an excellent location in the PECHS district, and comes with benefits like a fitness center and on-site restaurant. 

Rooms are still offered at a reasonable price for a 4-star hotel in Karachi, and breakfast is also included in the room price. What’s nice about Zifan is that it’s suitable for just about any type of trip to Karachi, whether you’re a business traveler or visiting family.

best hotels in Karachi

Beach Luxury Hotel 

Overlooking the Karachi Port, not only does the Beach Luxury Hotel not only guarantee comfort, but also a great view. There’s a variety of room sizes, so anyone from solo travelers to families can find something suitable for their trip.

Especially for the price, it’s certainly one of Karachi’s best luxury hotels, complete with an outdoor pool, gym, and on-site restaurant. Both the pool and the garden provide nice spots to sit outside and relax in the evenings to take in the sea breeze and beautiful scenery.  

best hotels in Karachi

Wrap Up: Best Hotels in Karachi

If you have not chosen a hotel by now – well – you are on your own then!

In a city as packed with culture, food, and history as Karachi, finding the right place to stay is one of the most important steps to planning a successful trip. 

Luxury vacationers will want to opt for the epic Dreamworld Resort or stylish Pearl Continental hotel, while travelers looking for a middle road between budget-friendly and comfort will feel right at home at my pick for the top hotel in Karachi, the World Inn Hotel. 

If you’ve got a favorite hotel in Karachi that I missed or have thoughts or questions you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to reach out and comment below! Cheers guys and happy travels.

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