Best Hotels in Naran

hiking in naran kagan valley

Looking for a quick escape from the busy cities? Naran is the green gateway to the mountains.

Being only a (full) day’s drive from Islamabad, the hilly bazaar town of Naran is a favorite destination for locals in Pakistan seeking to spend a bit of time in nature. Located in the upper reaches of the lush Kaghan Valley, Naran is the most accessible holiday destination in KPK other than Swat Valley.

If you are driving to Hunza or Skardu in the North, you will almost certainly be passing through Naran – and you will need an epic place to stay. There is a hotel option for every type of traveler here, so settle in. This is the ultimate list of the best hotels in Naran…


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At a Glance – The Best Places to Stay in Naran

  • The Best of the Best

Grand Heritage Hotel

If you’re looking for the spot to stay in Naran which combines quality, location, and affordability, then Grand Heritage is top of the list. Take advantage of conveniences like an on-site restaurant plus a great view of the valley. 

  • For the Budget-Minded

Imperial Hotel Naran

Budget meets comfort at this two-star hotel in Naran. The Imperial Hotel is more spacious than other budget accommodation in Naran, and you won’t miss out on the view thanks to the balconies in each room. 

  • Best Luxury Hotel in Naran

Pine Top Hotels

Naran is more of an outdoor adventure destination than a luxury vacation spot, but you can have the best of both worlds at the Pine Top Hotel. It’s also one of the few hotels in Naran with WiFi (but don’t expect high-speed reception!). 

  • For Lovers Looking for a Honeymoon

Hotel Demanchi

There’s no doubt that Naran is a magical place to visit, and the Hotel Demanchi is a great spot for travelers looking for a hotel that adds a romantic vibe to the already surreal beauty of the Naran Valley. 

  • For Those on a Family Holiday

Ahsania VIP Hotel

With spacious and colorful rooms, the Ahsania VIP Hotel is perfect for family vacations or group trips. It’s also one of Naran’s best budget hotels, making it easy to save money for a fun souvenir at the Naran Bazaar. 

Breakdown: The Best Hotels in Naran 

Now that you’ve seen an overview of some of Naran’s top hotels, it’s time to dive a bit deeper to unpack what sets each of these spots apart. Although Naran lacks high-end luxury hotels, it’s packed with breathtaking landscapes and jaw-dropping mountain scenery.

The best hotels in Naran fit right in with the wild and magical energy of the place-just be prepared that you’ll probably be without cell reception or Wi-Fi for most of your stay!  

Note that in the busy season, the roads around Naran get VERY busy. Always book your hotel in advance if you want to score anything halfway decent!

  • The Best of the Best

Grand Heritage Hotel

$$ | 2 star | Close to the Kunhar River | Restaurant onsite | Terrace with a view

With an excellent riverfront view, the Grand Heritage offers good quality for the price. It’s a great hotel in Naran for travelers who want to experience the magic of the Naran Valley while still preserving an element of luxury. 

The on-site restaurant serves a variety of Pakistani and international foods, and room service is also available if you’re hungry after a day of exploring the lakes and mountain passes. A continental breakfast is available for a small additional charge.

No matter what accommodation in Naran you pick, W-Fi and coverage tend to be spotty, and unfortunately, this holds true to the Grand Heritage Hotel as well. Make sure you send any important emails before visiting, but then I’d highly recommend taking the chance to disconnect from social media and technology to appreciate the nature and incredible outdoors that make Naran such a fantastic place to visit. 

best hotels in Naran
Grand Heritage Hotel is the best hotel in Naran.
  • Luxury at its Finest

Pine Top Hotels

$$ | 3 star | Overlooking Kunhar River | On-site restaurant | Shared lounge

Although Naran isn’t exactly a luxury destination, Pine Top Hotel is still a step above the average when it comes to comfort. The property also lives up to its name, perched among pine trees with a great view of the Kunhar River which can be enjoyed either from your room or the pleasant outdoor seating area and garden. 

Wi-Fi and cell service tend to be spotty and hard to come by in Naran, but limited connection is available at the Pine Top, which sets it apart among other hotels in Naran. 

If you’re coming to Naran to explore the lakes and mountains (and who isn’t?), you can arrange certain activities and tours directly from the hotel. Plus, the restaurant on site and room service make it easy to satisfy your hunger after a day of adventure. 

I’ll admit, the Pine Top Hotel still isn’t exactly glamorous, but it still earns its place as one of the best luxury hotels in Naran thanks to the amenities, cleanliness, and great location. 

best hotels in Naran
The beautiful scene at Pine Top Hotel
  • For the Budget-Minded Traveler

Imperial Hotel Naran

$ | 2 star | Family or group rooms available | Garden and outdoor seating 

There are a lot of options for budget accommodation in Naran, but the Imperial Hotel stands out since it still has some nice comfort features that other cheaper hotels lack. 

All the rooms have balconies with a view of the mountain, which is a nice feature since some of the less expensive hotels in Naran leave you stuck in a room without a way to appreciate the natural beauty that probably drew you to Naran in the first place! 

Another plus side I like about the Imperial Hotel is that larger rooms are also available. If you’re traveling with a group, getting a family room here gives you more space and privacy than other hotels in Naran and is a good option to help you save money. 

The downside is that breakfast isn’t included in the room price at this hotel, but there is a small restaurant on site serving some basic items for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There still is an outdoor dining area, so you can sit outside to enjoy your meal or just hang out in the afternoon to enjoy the mountain air and view of Naran Valley. 

best cheap hotels in Naran
Imperial Hotel has everything you need and it won’t break the bank.
  • For Lovers Looking for a Honeymoon

Hotel Demanchi 

$ | 2 star | Restaurant on-site | Rooms with balconies 

One look at the jaw-dropping mountain scenery of Naran is enough to convince you that it’s a magical place for a honeymoon. Staying at the Hotel Demanchi, you can enjoy a view of the Naran Valley from your own balcony or the terrace and outdoor seating area which lets you sit right next to the Kunhar River. 

Rooms combine a natural vibe with cozy touches like a seating area and fireplace for an all-round pleasant and romantic atmosphere. 

If you’re looking for accommodation in Naran that has an exceptional location as well as travel comforts like a restaurant and free toiletries, then Hotel Demanchi is the spot for you. 

best cheap hotels in Naran
Clean, comfy rooms at Hotel Demanchi.
  • The Best Hotel for Couples

Hotel Home 

$$ | 2 star | Restaurant onsite | Balconies with mountain views 

Combining a modern flare with elegant Pakistani decorations, Hotel Home might feel a lot different from your own home, but it measures up to being a great option for accommodation in Naran as a home-base for your mountain adventures. 

Couples traveling together will enjoy the romantic touches like having a private balcony with a great view of the Naran Valley and a comfy seating area in each room. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi isn’t available, but this is fairly standard even among the best hotels in Naran.  

A continental breakfast is included in the room rate, and there’s also a restaurant on site if you’re tired at the end of the day and not wanting to leave the hotel. 

Like other top picks for accommodation in Naran, Hotel Home also has an outdoor terrace and seating area making it all the easier to soak up the magical and romantic mountain scenery. 

hotel home naran
A cozy room to share with your partner.
  • For Those on a Family Holiday

Ahsania VIP Hotel 

$ | 2 star | On-site restaurant | Terrace with mountain view 

Featuring fun and colorful decorations as well as a perfect scenic location in Naran, the Ahsania VIP Hotel is a perfect option for budget accommodation in Naran for family trips. The large rooms with multiple beds are well-suited for young travelers, as well as larger groups looking for hotels in Naran that offer good quality for price ratio. 

Unfortunately, views from the rooms aren’t quite as good as some of the other places, but it’s also less expensive and there is still a terrace with outdoor seating where you can sit outside to enjoy the scenery. 

Just like most of the hotels in Naran, Wi-Fi isn’t available at the Ahsania VIP hotel. However, on account of the absolutely stunning landscape around Naran Kaghan, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to unplug for a bit, reconnect with nature, and soak up the natural beauty. 

Options for food around Naran are already plentiful, and Ahsania VIP also has a restaurant on site where you can get a simple breakfast or evening meal if you don’t feel like going out.

Ahsania VIP Hotel naran
Ahsania VIP Hotel is perfect for the whole family.
  • Close to Muzaffarabad Airport

Muzaffarabad View Motel 

$ | 3 star | Less than 2 miles from airport | Restaurant onsite | Bike hire 

The closest local airport to Naran is the Muzaffarabad Airport, about 40 miles away and with flights to major cities in Pakistan like Karachi and Islamabad. Since there’s still a substantial drive between Muzaffarabad and Naran, staying at a hotel near the airport can make your trip much more enjoyable. 

Muzaffarabad View Motel is a great budget hotel and also offers an airport shuttle service to make transportation that much simpler. Plus, with the restaurant on site, it’s easy to get a hot meal when you’re tired after a long flight. 

I’d recommend the Muzaffarabad View Motel for travelers who prefer flying instead of taking a bus or haggling for a ride all the way from Islamabad to Naran. Although it’s not a luxury hotel, it’s comfy enough for a one or two-night stay if you’re interested in seeing more of Muzaffarabad. 

Muzaffarabad View Hotel is the best option close to the airport.
  • The Best Views in Town

Fircest Lodge

$$ | 2 star | Terrace and outdoor seating | Family rooms available 

It’s hard to find a bad view in Naran – the picturesque mountain valley is full of natural beauty and many of the top hotels in Naran have a decent vantage point. The Fircest Lodge is particularly scenic, located right next to the river and with balconies in each room for guests to sit outside and soak up the fresh mountain air. 

Living up to its name, Fircest Lodge features simple and wood-themed decorations for a “lodge” experience. It’s not high-end luxury, but it’s comfortable and is a good quality two-star hotel in Naran. 

You can add breakfast for a small additional charge, and there’s also a restaurant on-site if you want to grab a bite to eat after a day of visiting mountain lakes and exploring the Naran Bazaar. 

I also like the Fircest Lodge since it’s suitable for everyone from solo travelers to families or bigger groups. Overall, it’s one of Naran’s best hotels to appreciate the stunning natural landscape. 

Fircest Lodge naran
Fircest Lodge is another well-priced option for budget travelers in Naran

Wrapping Up: Best Hotels in Naran

Hopefully, by this point, you’re totally geared up and ready to head out on your mountain adventure in Naran. Now that you have an idea about what the best types of accommodation in Naran are, I’m confident you’ll be able to select the right hotel for you whether you go with something super budget-friendly like the Ahsania VIP or Imperial Hotel or something that strikes a better balance between budget and comfort like the Grand Heritage Hotel. 

If you’ve got a favorite hotel in Naran that I missed or have thoughts or questions about Pakistan travel you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to reach out and comment below! Cheers guys and happy travels.

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