Broghil Valley and Karambar Lake: Trekking Near the Afghan Border

stars at Karomber Lake Pakistan

Broghil Valley is yet another place in Pakistan where time stops and the cultures that inhabit this area live in much the same way as their ancestors did 500+ years ago.

Deep within KPK province, the Broghil Valley is a (mostly) green, high-pasture area where seasonal Wahki shepherds come to graze their animals. Geographically, the area is a final frontier between the Pakistan and Afghanistan border. There is no physical international border here; the Hindu Kush Mountains act as a natural border separating the two countries.

In the past though, tales of smugglers, Soviet spies, Afghan refugees, and drug runners permeate the legend of this place.

Getting to the Broghil Valley is no easy feat though. In order to complete the 3-4 day out-and-back trek (30 kilometers) to the high-altitude Karambar (also spelled Qurumbar/Karumber/Karomber) Lake at 4,304 m (14,121 ft) from Lashkargaz – one needs to travel roughly 40 hours by 4×4 truck from Islamabad.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite images of the journey through Brohil Valley and the Karambar Lake Trek.


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Broghil Valley Pakistan
Start of the Broghil Valley

Karambar Lake horese trek
Sunrise in Lashkargaz
Karambar Lake trek
So many stars at the lake!

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Brohil Valley and the Karambar Lake Trek viewed as a drone Pakistan
the Karambar Lake Trek, Pakistan viewed as a Drone

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